About Us

TEQNIA-OUTSOURCING was born in 2013 (in spite of the current Spanish economic situation) as a SOLUCION of outsourcing or externalisation of services destined for small and medium sized businesses of the industrial sector, especially their Quality and Engineering Departments.

We take as starting point our experience in addressing the needs of different sectors such as automotive, alternative energy (manufacturing components for wind turbines and solar-thermal power plants), vending machines, etc..., and we offer our clients the possibility to externally fulfil individual projects as a continuous monitoring process within the area of QUALITY (First Signs Product Approval) and of C.A.D. (industrial design and processing of plans in the field of mechanical manufacture); these services can be cost-effective for this type of clients in our current economic situation.

  • mejora continua

    We work from the commitment to continuous improvement, as much with ourselves as with our clients, based on our identity: professionalism, trust and quality.

    Likewise, for the development of our work we try hard to be respectful of the environment, and that's why we use the ultimate environmentally friendly technology and techniques, reducing the use of paper and exchange correspondence electronically.

Teqnia-outsourcing specialise in training and experience, technical ability, professionalism and human quality of its members as our main competitive advantage.